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Roy Fuller, International Watercolor Artist

Roy is accepting reservations for his 2015/2016  Wet in Wet Watercolor Workshops.  Roy John Fuller has been a watercolorist for 30 years. Roy originally did oil paintings following the famous TV celebrity  Bob Ross. He fell in love with the spontaneous and transparent nature of watercolors and studied the techniques of Tony Couch, Edward Sterling, Frank Webb and many other watercolor masters. Roy's wet in wet spontaneous style of watercolor painting blends his experience with Bob Ross's 30 minute TV oil paintings with the spontaneous characteristics of watercolors. Perfect technique for beginners or artists wanting to expand their techniques to wet in wet. Wet in Wet Watercolor workshops are a lot of fun. Relax and take my workshop.

 Visit his art work at  www.RoyJohnFuller.com 







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         Keiko Tanabe          Sterling Edwards





Keiko Tanabe is an award-winning watercolor artist.  Her paintings have been juried into many exhibitions across North America and in Asia and Europe.  Her work has been purchased by private collectors from all around the world. Keiko was born in Kyoto, Japan.  As a child she  won many awards in children's art contests.


   Most of Sterling’s paintings are interpretive statements that reflect his love of the outdoors. He usually paints with large brushes to capture the basic shapes of his subject while keeping detail to a minimum. Once the basic shapes have been identified he looks for opportunities to overlap and interlock the shapes to create balance in the painting and to develop a strong composition.  


        I recently attended a watercolor painting workshop by one of my most respected Watercolor Artists & Watercolor Workshop instructors, Tony Couch. Let me tell you I was not disappointed, nor was anyone else in the workshop that I spoke with.   Roy Fuller, Editor    

 Tony Couch - Famous Watercolor Artists & Mentor


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    I remember, when I must have been quite young, watching my older brother Greg draw. He was good. In the third grade our teacher taught us perspective, how to make a road go back and disappear into the mountains. I never forgot how to do that.

  Stan Miller

    Painting very directly, I place my watercolors on the paper with very little mixing on the palette. I use lots of varied color in my blacks to keep them from going flat, in my whites to keep them glowing, and even in my skin tones to keep them interesting.  

       Bev Jozwiak


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        With large flat brushes and plenty of water I approach the paper in slam-bang initial washes, and end with the caress of a butterfly wing. Fused into the paint is my delight as qualities and relations emerge from the process.    

                    Frank Webb - Watercolor Legend     


  Ron Bigony's Latest painting accepted into the 2013 National Watercolor Society 93rd Open Annual Competition - Congrats Ron!  


  "When someone asks me how long it takes to do a painting, I often reply "50 years"!  


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international WATERCOLOR ARTISTS Cindy Agan is an internationally published watercolor, portrait artist, author and teacher. She is self-taught and prefers realism in all mediums.


        Judy Huang



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 David Clough  David lives in Maine with his wife, Janet, and continues to capture the essence of the rugged coastline and it's infinite beauty.

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                                 Laurie Goldstein-Warren New York Watercolor Artist


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                                 Weaver, Pat  Central Florida Watercolor Artist


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                 Laurie Goldstein-Warren 


 Mardi Gras Mask above just won third place in Watercolor West International Exhibit


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          The Value of Values – Start to Love Your Nines

    Laurie Goldstein-Warren, TWSA, WW, NEWS, NWWS

Since I started painting with a limited palette of four colors, I have learned the importance of understanding and utilizing values in my work. At one time or another, we have all looked at a piece of artwork whether it be our own or another artist’s and thought to ourselves, “It’s good, but there is something missing, some visual punch that isn’t there.” Often, the painting is missing some part of the range of values, usually the 8’s and 9’s. These darkest values are vital in most paintings to give that visual punch, that exclamation point. They also to make the mid and light values sing. In my workshops, I have found that when it comes to these dark values, this is where many artists get a little shy with the paint. With practice, you can do it!

I have been painting watercolors for over 15 years and I still take the time several times a year to paint a value scale. I give them out to students at workshop from time to time. The practice of painting a value scale and looking at it reminds us, as artists how the different values of a color are all important to a piece of art. For those artists who do not use a limited transparent palette and sometimes find themselves in the predicament of making a muddy patch in an otherwise nice painting. Planting a few pieces of a true value 9 (black) within the muddy passage will bring out some of the colors within that passage and make it look less muddy. I learned this little tidbit from John Salminen at a wonderful abstract workshop years ago… and it worked well for me when I was using a vaster array of colors. Yes, I could make mud at times.

Composition, color, line, and so on are all important to making good art and if you are using or plan to start using a limited palette, knowing your value scale is vital. So give it a whirl and practice making value scales. With practice, you will begin to automatically put those darker values into your work with confidence.



         Laurie's Next Upcoming Workshop




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