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                                                       John Lovett


                Australian Watercolor Artist 

   John Lovett has many watercolor instructional books and DVD available to help both the amateur and professional watercolor artists. We appreciate him allowing us to showcase his wonderful watercolor paintings, instructional books and biography. John is a founding member of International Watercolors.  







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John Lovett - brief biography

I was born in Cooma, N.S.W. Australia, in 1953. My father was the official artist for the Snowy Mountains Authority and encouraged my two brothers and I to draw and paint from an early age. We had a 2000 acre cattle property in the mountains where we learnt to love and respect the Australian bush. Some of my fondest memories as a kid come from time spent in the mountains, rounding up cattle in the snow, putting up fences, tracking kangaroos and wombats and simply exploring the bush.

After leaving school I attended the National Art School in Newcastle. It was a great place in the early 70ís. More of our drawing lessons were held in the back bar of the Star Hotel than at the art school.

Following art school I fell in love, got married, moved to Sydney and worked in a job that annoyed me enough to make me realize what it was I really wanted to do. So my wife Dianne, an art teacher, supported us while I struggled to establish a name in the Sydney art world.

It took a few years of hard work but eventually demand for my paintings grew to a point where we could live comfortably from painting sales alone. In 1991 we moved to Queensland. Dianne, being organised and methodical, manages the business side of things, allowing me and our two sons to keep the studio in a state of disorganised chaos.


John Lovett is a regular contributor to International Artist Magazine and Australian Artist Magazine. He is the author of  "Watercolor For the Fun of It - Getting Started" published by Northlight Books and "splashingPAINT" a complete 2 hour instructional DVD. He conducts workshops in Australia, USA and Europe where his informal, passionate approach has won a huge following.





        Learn the Secrets to Creating Loose, Atmospheric Paintings, Bursting with Life

                         and Character - Paintings that Really Do Make an Impact!

                                                       AUSTRALIAN WATERCOLOR ARTISTS

  No Matter What Your Skill Level, SplashingPAINT Really Will Improve The Way You Paint!

Quickly gain a confident, professional approach to your painting, so you can easily tackle any subject with passion and enthusiasm.

There are hundreds DVD's that merely show painting demonstrations. SplashingPAINT actually teaches you how to master all the  demonstrations, revealing the secrets to successful color mixing, confident brush techniques, subtle edge treatments and a large number of special techniques to really make your work stand out.

You will see how easy it is to create your own personal interpretation of your subject, rather than simply copying what you see.

SplashingPAINT shows you how to make your paintings demand attention by using emotive, atmospheric suggestion.

These days, unless you stand out from the crowd, you run the risk of becoming just another competent painter.

Just a Few Simple Materials

All the projects on splashingPAINT need only a few colors and a handful of common brushes. You probably have everything in your paintbox now! 

For the cost of an average sable brush, SplashingPAINT will make more difference to your paintings than thousands of dollars worth of art materials ever will.

Priceless Practical Skills

SplashingPAINT takes you beyond the fundamental skills and passes on priceless knowledge built up over a lifetime as a professional artist. Practical, professional secrets that really will improve the way you paint

  • A foolproof way to avoid mixing muddy colors
  • The EASY way to make smooth, even washes
  • How to execute clean, confident lines with a brush
  • Learn the importance of selecting the best paper to suit your subject
  • Master the secret to mixing rich, strong darks
  • Discover how to infuse your paintings with emotive light and atmosphere
  • Learn how to use color temperature for maximum impact


Unique New Techniques

Once you gain the practical skills, SplashingPAINT shows you how to confidently handle the most complicated subjects through simplification and suggestion. 

The importance of leaving out unnecessary detail is a vital skill you will learn as you work through the 16 fascinating projects on SplashingPAINT

You will learn to go beyond producing just a likeness and create paintings that trigger a strong emotional response in the viewer.  

SplashingPAINT will teach you a number of subtle and unusual techniques that will give your paintings that 
"Wow!, how did you do that?" appeal  

  • Soft and mysterious Gesso glazes
  • Flooded gouache washes
  • Unifying lines of feathered ink and pastel 
  • Bold calligraphic bristle brush marks
  • Blotting and lifting techniques
  • Subtle Rice paper Collage 


John Lovett - Currumbin Studio

PO Box 254
Currumbin 4223
QLD  Australia

Hi There,

The excitement and unpredictable, nature of watercolor has captivated me for over 30 years. With SplashingPAINT I pass on a way of painting that lets you work WITH what is happening on the paper. not wrestling against it and trying to be in control all the time. 

The act of painting becomes a two way process. You observe, adjust and respond, becoming totally immersed in the painting unfolding in front of you. 

This process allows the painting to become a living, growing thing with a life and character of its own. Not something tight, lifeless and contrived.

If you want to get more fun and satisfaction from your painting, then SplashingPAINT is for you!

A complaint I hear from students all the time is that they feel stuck with their painting. They have reached a certain level and can't seem to improve or move on. 

They are not sure which way to go or what to do. I went through the same dilemmas and wished there was a book or DVD that would help me advance. 

SplashingPAINT not only delivers a wealth of practical instruction, but also gives you encouragement, inspiration and ideas. It will move you on to a more competent and professional level and keep you improving

SplashingPAINT is the result of 18 months painting, filming, editing, re editing, scripting, tweaking and adjusting.

I didn't stop until I was absolutely satisfied that what I had would deliver the very best painting instruction available. Something I know will get results.

Feedback has been fantastic and I know you will enjoy splashing paint.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the DVD within 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

Kind Regards


Get More Out of Your Painting, 
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for just

US plus packing and postage
($77 Australian Dollars plus packing and postage)




             To Order Contact John Below:

                   John Lovett - Currumbin Studio

                            PO Box 254
                         Currumbin 4223
                           QLD  Australia


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    Thanks John For Allowing International Watercolors To Share Workshops and Paintings!



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