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                               Roy John Fuller 

Roy John Fuller, a.k.a. "The Big Brush Man"


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 Roy John Fuller's Pine Island Florida Watercolor Workshops  - Roy's watercolor workshop sold out with over 21 attendees. Roy discussed the Elements & Principles of Art Design and did a demonstration seascape watercolor. Read More

  Roy John Fuller's Plein Air Watercolor Workshop With Claire A.Wiley, Disney's Senior Designer Walt Disney Imagineering Orlando, Fl        Read More  

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   Roy John Fuller is the Founding Editor of International Watercolors, one of the internet's top ranked International Watercolor Artist & International Watercolor Workshops website. Roy has been painting watercolors for over 30 years and uses a unique watercolor painting method of using big brushes, lots of water, and applying the paint as quickly as possible to produce transparent, spontaneous and luminous watercolor paintings. Contact Us





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   Roy John Fuller is a Seascape Watercolor painter but also paints mountain scenes. Roy has developed a quick method for painting beautiful watercolor seascapes. Learn how to paint 30 minute seascapes today. See more of Roy's technique below. Roy is the Founder of International Watercolors. An international website dedicated to providing international exposure for watercolor artists. Visit our other international watercolor artists on International Watercolors.

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        "Working in a corporate job I didn't have time to spend hours or days on a watercolor paintings, so I developed my style of Watercolor Painting to accommodate folks that love to paint but are limited on their time available to paint. The key to painting my style of watercolors is to understand some of the basic design concepts and implementing them before you start your painting."  Roy John Fuller

   Roy Fuller's watercolor paintings are available online and in international galleries.  You can view more of his paintings below and at www.RoyJohnFuller.com. Roy's paintings reflect his strong influences from mentors Ed Whitney, Tony Couch and Bob Ross. He has been a student of their books, instruction videos and workshops for many years.      

            Fresh - Spontaneous - Luminous - Translucent - Transparent Watercolor Paintings 

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                                                                 How To Do Watercolors

                 Visit www.RoyJohnFuller.com for more paintings & FREE Watercolor Painting Information


                                                    Some FREE Watercolor Painting Tips:

                    International Watercolor Artists

     1).   You need to select a value pattern for your watercolor painting. In the above watercolor painting I use a large dark with a smaller white form overlapping the larger darker area. This is a value pattern I use a lot. You only need two or three different value patterns to do hundred's of watercolor paintings. So pick one or two you like and stick with them for a while. visit www.RoyJohnFuller.com for more FREE painting design information.

     2).    Sketch your pattern on your watercolor paper and wet both sides completely until they are soaked. Either stretch the paper beforehand or add clamps on the sides of your backboard to hold the paper as it dries and shrinks. This will stretch the paper as you paint. The paper will dry in 12 to 15 minutes. You painting should be finished by the time the paper completely dries.

     3).    Paint your sky using variation and gradation and start adding foliage to your middle ground. Use fresh paint each time you pick up paint from the pallet to keep the colors glowing as they mix. Also do your mixing on the paper. Put one color say yellow on the wet paper and then add blue and watch the green colors explode on the wet paper. This is a very exciting painting method. Even though paintings are completed in less than 30 minutes, the painting pace is very relaxed.

     4).   Change the color often to add variety in color. Doesn't matter what color you use, just something different from the last application.

     5).    Use symbols for trees, rocks, buildings, etc. Never paint what you see, unless it's a landmark and needs to be painted that way for recognition. Develop your own set of symbols for things. This will make you unique as an artist. Be sure to vary the size, color and value of your shapes or symbols. The secret is utilizing correct design principles. visit www.RoyJohnFuller.com for tons of FREE information on designing your paintings.

     6).  By now the paper is dry and all you need to do is add the foreground water and you are finished. The water should be done in the fewest number of brush strokes possible. Three to five brush strokes for an ocean!

                             FYI - This is not a rushed process. It's very casual and relaxed method!


                                           It's So Easy, Anyone Can Do It!


    Artist's Comments On Roy Fuller's Method Of "Watercolor Painting":

 Frank Webb - "Roy Fuller's watercolor works exude a freshness born of great speed. This fleetness of touch can only be made when the painter's mark is sure and with a conviction of the shape to be made with a minimum of adjustments."

 Sterling Edwards - "Roy's work is very nice...loose, fresh, and clean!"

 Leslie Ruth - "Your work is wonderful and "refreshing". You capture the true essence of the medium."

 Judy Champion - ".....Very impressive!"

 Ron Bigony - "Really like your watercolors, the colors are so pure and transparent."

 William Maurer  -  “Good extemporaneous use of color and wet technique…..” 




                                             About Color Mixing:

        Roy John Fuller's Watercolor Painting Tips & Techniques

    Beginners are also confused by all the color hype on the market today about watercolor paint. Color is not that big a deal. There are only three primary colors but few watercolor painters paint with three colors in their palettes. I believe many beautiful paintings can be completed with just the three primary watercolor colors. The important thing about color is to implement color variety as you paint. First you apply the yellow and then you mix in some Blue on the paper. See my palette colors below. The KEY is to keep changing the color in your painting with every re-load of your brush. 

 "Color variety is much more important than the color of paint you are using"



Fresh - Spontaneous - Luminous - Translucent - Transparent Watercolor Paintings  

        international watercolor artsits

                International Watercolor Artists

     Roy Fuller, International Watercolor Artists & Workshop Instructor. Roy's personal website is www.RoyJohnFuller.com. Roy is also founder /chief editor of International Watercolors.com and is dedicated to helping talented watercolor artists get international exposure for their paintings and workshops.

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 Please visit www.RoyJohnFuller.com to view Roy's Gallery



Fresh - Spontaneous - Luminous - Translucent - Transparent Watercolor Paintings 

International Watercolor Artists Roy Fuller

  "Watercolor Painting Is Really Simple!

  Everyone tries to make it too complicated. Anyone can paint beautiful watercolor paintings with some guidance and practice. I can't spend hours or days, let alone weeks doing a single painting. I spend most of my time planning the painting and making sure my rough sketch is accurate. Then I wet the paper completely and start painting as fast as I can until the paper dries. Usually 7 to 14 minutes. A few more minutes adding a few details and your finished. From a design standpoint, a well designed, quickly done painting like this will be the most translucent, spontaneous and loose that possible. It all makes sense. The longer you take to paint a watercolor painting the more of the above desirable qualities you lose. Add variety and you will have a beautiful watercolor painting.

"Variety is the spice of everything nice" according to Roy Fuller.

I always say "Design Slow & Paint Fast"

Roy's Painting method is very relaxed un-rushed. It's the planning and process that makes it quick.


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